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Samira Mohamed-Ali is an award-winning International Actress and Brands Model who is currently working with many leading global companies. From a very young age, Samira started off as a model and led many high profile campaigns through her entrepreneurial skills. Not only was Samira known as a model, but she was also seen as a strong businesswoman, creating new marketing and innovative strategies for clients within the commercial world.

While she was still modeling, she worked part time for the world’s largest international bank (HSBC), becoming one of the youngest bankers in the UK. At this point, aged just 21, Samira was given her first opportunity to test her presenting skills – interviewing top banking directors and financial executives for HSBC’s Internal Communications Department, a TV channel aired once a week to all HSBC branches across the UK and US.

With her unique raw acting ability, Samira has already gained respect and admiration for roles in Feature Films and TV Programmes, and she is currently working on several exciting film roles throughout 2014 and 2015 in the UK, US and India.

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